Gayton Crossing
Recent Classes Taken
Advanced Balayage w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Advanced Men's Cutting w/ Michael Pavlick
Color Splash Haircolor w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Full Spectrum Deep Color Fusion w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Gray Coverage w/ Jimmy Girgenti
New Color Trends w/ Ian Michael Black
New Trends Advanced Cutting w/ Geno Chapman
Pastel Haircolor w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Short Hair Cutting w/ Hauns Korpela

I was working in a coffee shop and feeling very stagnant when I heard about an opening for an apprentice. I started my apprenticeship in Richmond in May of 2011 and attended the Richmond Technical Center for my cosmetology degree. Turns out it was almost fate, because I found my niche and have loved it ever since.

I am a self-proclaimed, dedicated optimist. Seriously, if my life were a film, it would be called What's The Worst That Could Happen? It would be a comedy with a great soundtrack... and Emma Stone would play me.