Libbie Grove

Recent Classes Taken
Advanced Balayage w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Advanced Men's Cutting w/ Michael Pavlick
Balayage w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Bb Men's Cutting w/ Bit
Bb Styling w/ James Ruiz
Bb Updos w/ James Ruiz
Color Splash Haircolor w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Core Cutting w/ Ricardo Dinis
Creative Color Placement w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Double Process Lightening w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Full Spectrum Deep Color Fusion w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Full Spectrum Deep Color Systems
Gray Coverage w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Haircolor Magic: Power Paint w/ Jimmy Girgenti
LearnAveda w/ Hauns Korpela
LearnAveda w/ Ricardo Dinis
Mango Academy Apprentice Program
Mango Academy Fresh Talent Program
New Color Trends w/ Ian Michael Black
New Trends Advanced Cutting w/ Geno Chapman
Pastel Haircolor w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Short Hair Cutting w/ Hauns Korpela
Technical Textures w/ Hauns Korpela

After leaving VCU, I dabbled in many things. These included being a pre-school teacher, soccer coach, sales, restaurant business & a gallery/non-profit intern. Luck, or maybe destiny, brought me to Mango- and I couldn't be happier. Working in the beauty industry is my passion and  I like the idea that I get to help people realize how beautiful they are. I also had little idea as to how much pampering went into going to a salon, but I love making people feel good in body and spirit!

I cherish memories more than anything. I am particularly fond of all the framed photographs that adorn every inch of my walls.