Master Artisan

Gayton Crossing
Recent Classes Taken
Advanced Men's Cutting w/ Michael Pavlick
Advanced Razor Cutting w/ Bit
Balayage w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Bb U Design Studio
Bb U Design Workshop
Bb U Network Educator Program
Bb U Styling I
Bb U Styling II
Contemporary Classics Advanced Cutting w/ Geno Chapman
Curly Cutting w/ James Ruiz
Full Spectrum Deep Color Fusion w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Full Spectrum Deep Color Systems
Gray Coverage w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Hair Color Magic w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Haircolor Magic: Power Paint w/ Jimmy Girgenti
LearnAveda w/ Hauns Korpela
LearnAveda w/ Ricardo Dinis
New Color Trends w/ Ian Michael Black
New Trends Advanced Cutting w/ Geno Chapman

I have a BFA in Fashion Design from VCU.  In the past, I have filled many roles at Mango, and after a couple years in Guest Services I felt it was a natural leap to become a Hair Designer. It gives me the ability to continue to grow and be creative. I am constantly learning in order to move forward and I love communicating and problem-solving with my Guests. 

I take the time to listen, connect and solve puzzles.  I establish goals and then I have a lot of fun getting there! One of my favorite possessions is a vintage Hohner harmonica my dad gave me.  It has an amazing depth of sound and looks cool, to boot.