Jamie B.
Master Artisan
Libbie Grove

Recent Classes Taken
Advanced Men's Cutting w/ Michael Pavlick
Bb Men's Cutting w/ Bit
Bb Styling w/ James Ruiz
Color Splash Haircolor w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Core Cutting w/ Ricardo Dinis
Curly Cutting w/ James Ruiz
Curly Cutting w/ Tammy Carswell
Full Spectrum Deep Color Fusion w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Gray Coverage w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Hair Color Magic w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Haircolor Magic: Blonde Bombshell w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Haircolor Magic: Power Paint w/ Jimmy Girgenti
New Color Trends w/ Ian Michael Black

After always wanting to do hair, I got up the courage and headed off to Empire Beauty School. Flash forward about 10 years later and I love every day of what I do.

I get to work with extremely talented and interesting people, then come home to a husband who always encourages me and our three kids. Whatever it takes to achieve my dreams, I give 110%.

I am also the Mango ace of cakes... anything peanut butter and chocolate!