Michael B.

Gayton Crossing
Recent Classes Taken
Advanced Razor Cutting w/ Bit
Balayage w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Full Spectrum Deep Color Fusion w/ Jimmy Girgenti
LearnAveda w/ Hauns Korpela
Technical Textures w/ Hauns Korpela

I received a Bachelors degree from Radford University in 2005. After years in restaurant management, I decided to get back to my creative roots. I became a part of the Fresh Talent Program at Mango when Mango came to my beauty school for a job fair. I met with Pat and Bobbi shortly after, and here I am- it was fate!

I'm in love with all of my original X-Men comic books from the early 60's...I'm a nerd. I also think I might laugh a little like a cartoon villain.