I believe everything in life happens for a reason. Working with hair started for me by working on my own hair. I loved to style it and one day had an ahaa moment—why not work with other people’s hair? Now that I’m a designer at Mango, I love the creativity of the job. It’s like solving a new puzzle every day. Listening to a guest and pairing technique with the best solution, and then adding some personal style to it!


BIT ABOUT ME  My older sister is my biggest role model. She has taught me about all the important things in life!


November 17,2017
Great haircut. color is definitely off this time. I'm going to wash it a few times to see if that helps. very dark on the ends and a few spots that don't look exactly right. pointed out to the stylist and her mentor.


November 13,2017
She was lovely, great massages especially.

Robin M.

November 02,2017
Jesika is a lovely girl and love my blowout with her.


October 27,2017
Jesika was incredibly attentive, complimentary, and respectful of my time in the chair. I will recommend her to all my friends and will certainly be back for another blow-out with her over the holidays!


October 12,2017
Jesika did a great job with both the color and cut!


October 10,2017


September 28,2017
Jesika was fantastic! I love my blow out and I also did brow waxing.


September 27,2017
I really enjoyed my first visit and the tour of the salon before my appointment! Thank you for the warm welcome!


September 23,2017
She took the time and truly made my girl’s experience perfect. She listened to each of them and gave them the haircuts they asked for today.


September 23,2017
Love jesika. She is absolutely amazing.


September 21,2017
Great color and hair cut. Jesika listens and did exactly what I requested. She tries very hard to please her clients and has done so with me.


September 12,2017
It was all good


September 12,2017


September 02,2017
I am impressed and very happy


August 31,2017
Jesika took a lot of time to explaining the process of the dyes to me and made sure I understood why she recommended certain tones/shades. I haven't had a hairstylist take that much time to try to understand what I want and I felt like that made the appointment so much better! I loved my hair and the fact that she gave me a little makeover and photo shoot after. I can't wait for my next appointment!

Robin M.

August 28,2017
Able to get me scheduled for a blow dry with Jesika. She gave me a gorgeous style. Love it! Jesika is great.


August 21,2017
The shampoo was stellar and definitely a draw for me booking the appointment.


July 15,2017
Excellent redo by Michael! I am very happy and thankful for the prompt care when 1st hair color and highlights were not acceptable.