Curly girls, put down that flatiron! Your 2016 just got a whole lot easier – and natural! – with the launch of Bumble and Bumble’s latest range of products, Bb. Curl. Formulated with a patented HydraSculpt Blend of Brazilian oils and curl-defining polymer, Bb. Curl delivers hydration and styling properties in an easy-to-use, compact line of products. From the gentle sulfate-free shampoo to the lightweight conditioning mousse, Bb. Curl has the answers for all your styling concerns. ...well, almost all of them. To celebrate the launch of the new line and to equip ourselves with even more curly-hair knowledge, we asked our favorite fiery curly Innovator Designer Amanda S. for five tips on how to best care for those waves. Read below for her insider scoop!


  2. 1. Your diffuser is your BFF! “You should be bored.” It’s not a refrain you hear often (who wants to be bored?!) but Amanda suggests to decrease the frizz factor, make sure you’re holding your diffuser in place…no moving it around back and forth around your head. For big hair with lots of volume, aim your diffuser up and under the section of hair you’re drying. For more tamed tresses, try keeping the diffuser parallel to your head. 
  4. 2. Twist and Scrunch - If you’re after classic, defined, piecey curls, use your finger (with a bit of Bb. defining crème on your fingertips!) to individually twist your ringlets. To get a halo of soft, bouncy waves framing your face, go ahead and scrunch – but make sure you use a t-shirt instead of a towel. The shirt fabric has fewer fibers in it than a towel and will help combat frizz. 
  6. 3. Cut back on the shampoo! Curly hair can get dry—quick. To combat thirsty tresses, take a break from the shampoo on the daily. And when you do decide to wash, using Bb. Curl sulfate free shampoo or Aveda Be Curly to lock in moisture and fit frizz. If you feel your tresses getting greasy, spray some of the Bb. Curl pre-styler/re-styler at the roots to freshen up! 
  8. 4. Product! Product! Product! With that said, don’t skimp on product once you do wash. Try pairing the Bb. Curl pre-styling primer with the Aveda Be Curly curl enhancing spray for your perfect curl cocktail. It’ll arm you with the frizz fighting and curl defining weapons to get those bouncy curls you’ve been coveting. 
  10. 5. Don’t touch it till it’s dry A little crunch is okay – at least until your hair as completely dried anyway! Let it do its “wet look” thing until it’s dry; trust us, it’ll soften up into those gentle waves. Finish off with a bit of Bb. Curl anti humidity gel oil for an extra shot of moisture. Find all the new Bb. Curl products at our Short Pump location and the Aveda Be Curly line at Libbie Grove and Gayton. We're so excited to start playing with our curls and hope now you are too! Viva le curl!