Dry shampoo is great for so many reasons. It allows you to keep your style for days, makes hair look fresh when you have zero time to wash it and can give you a little extra oomph when things start to fall flat. It’s like your best friend, always there when you’re in a pinch.


The first marketed Dry Shampoo came out in the 1940’s. Minipoo was targeted towards women for when they are too sick to wash their hair or have a last minute date. The not-so-secret ingredient was fuller’s earth, which can also be found in cat litter.


Today dry shampoos vary in ingredients and forms. Whether you have to sprinkle or spray it on, most contain some form of vegetable powder, starch, or clay. Whatever the main ingredient is, its purpose is to absorb and remove oil while leaving hair looking fresh. While it can’t completely replace wet shampooing your hair, it’s great for putting off your next wash.


There are so many ways to use dry shampoo. It’s great for making roots look fresh by sprinkling or spraying onto your roots and then brushing it through. You can add grip to your hair and hair accessories. It can add to your style with an undone matte look. The possibilities are truly endless. And that is why dry shampoo is pretty great!


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