While lots of people are out there trying to tame and smooth their textured hair, there is another population of people trying to add texture or interest to their straight or fine hair. Is there a Science to finding the perfect cut for you? There are definitely some formulas that Mango Designers use to enhance your hair’s natural beauty and they start with some simple math.



Insightful Consultation + Multiple Techniques + Proper Tools + Styling Products= Amazing Style

As Mango Master Designer Marina points out, “Thick hair hides, and fine hair is the great revealer. With fine hair, mindfulness is necessary, every cut has an effect.” Here is a peek into some of the winning combinations that can serve as simple guideline to cuts and hair type pairings.




1)Adding texture and easy style to your curly or wavy fine hair.


Razors or Slide Cutting with Shears + Shag shape = Movement and Definition

Shags provide an easy, carefree look that gives the hair instant body and interest, but you must have the right hair type to make it work (add insightful consultation to this equation.)


Curling Irons + Salt Spray = Beachy Waves

A medium-large curling iron and salt spray like Aveda’s Texture Tonic or Bumble and bumble’s Surf Spray to hold those waves will give you a beach-swept look.



2)Adding some volume to a tailored look.


Blunt Cut + Graduation = Thicker, fuller looking hair

A razor layered cut on fine straight hair will flatten the hair out, however, a blunt cut with some graduated layers makes the ends appear thicker—giving the entire head of hair a thick look.


3)Adding a modern edge to thick, straight hair.


Short Straight Hair + Pixie Cut + Long Pieces on Top = Feminine short hair style

Straight Hair + Undercut = a modern update on a traditional bob

Shaved under cuts of all styles and sizes have become mainstream with short, medium, and long hair versions all popular this year. Pixies and undercuts are great ways to stylishly remove weight from thick heads of hair. 




Do you know your hair type?


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