The healthy, fresh trend has a heavy influence on this season's makeup trends.


Everyone wants to feel good inside and out and highlighting your face’s glow is a great way to do this.

Here are some simple recipes for creating radiant looks, that are never dull when paired with bursts of color.


How To Do, Dewy Skin

-Start with a pm routine that cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes
-Create a radiant base in the am with Aveda Radiance Fluid and Mineral Tinted Moisturizer
-Last step, touch the skin with a light highlight of Aveda’s Radiant Oleation Oil
**Don’t dull down dewy with neutral tone makeup. A commitment-free way to partake in fashion color is with a splash of vibrant hues on your eyes and lips. Aveda’s Birds of Paradise makeup collection has berry crushed lip colors and golds, plums and mauves, for the eyes.**


Accent on Fraiche Color

-Make cheeks glow with Aveda’s Birds of Paradise Plum Fresco blush
-Color eyes with Aveda’s Saffron Glow eyeshadow all over the lid, Glacial Lotus highlighting under the brow, and a touch of Mauve Quartz in the crease for depth
-Gloss lips with a bright Poppy Ember lipstick and finish with Golden Prism Lip Shine
Find out how you can add some glow to your skin with a complimentary skin care analysis and makeup touch up from Mango’s skin care expert Sheryl at Libbie Grove.