• Immediate hands-on training the day you step onto the floor
  • Fully stocked kit (shears, blow dryers, flat irons, clips, brushes –everything you’ll need!)
  • Weekly in-salon classes taught by Mango Educators



Even if you’ve never done more than trim your own bangs over the bathroom sink, if you have the dedication and drive to succeed, Mango wants you as an Apprentice!

Fresh Talent™ = Grad School for Hair


  • Twelve week intensive class series
  • Learn from highly experienced Designers in a supportive learning environment
  • Honing base-line skills for a high end salon experience
  • Preparing you for your success as a Designer



Fresh Talent™ is a specially designed program that further prepares newly licensed hair designers for a career as a professional Hair Designer at Mango.


We are committed to seeing every Team member

thrive; both programs include a full-time employment

component so you can earn a living while learning.