Designer 4 Libbie Grove

Full Spectrum Deep Color Systems
Gray Coverage w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Pastel Haircolor w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Technical Textures w/ Hauns Korpela

I attended three years of Cosmetology School in Germany before moving to Richmond. When I first arrived, I was looking for more opportunities to develop my skills at an innovative salon. Mango was a perfect fit! I started in their apprentice program and am now an experienced designer.  Being a part of this industry is a creative rush and I take great joy in boosting people's self-esteem with a fresh new look. 

BIT ABOUT ME  I strongly believe in developing a style and embracing trends that suit you and flatter your natural beauty. 


December 01,2017
Juliet always takes time to make sure that we are on the same page as far as the desired outcome of my highlights. I'm always very satisfied with the work she does.


November 20,2017
Juliet is terrific!


November 15,2017
Loved my blow dry.


October 21,2017
I had a very bad haircut at Gayton Crossing. Juliet was super wonderful for making a bad situation better. I have to wait for my hair in the back to grow longer for a full correction, but Juliet made the haircut so much better.


October 18,2017
Great color. Great cut. Juliet always listens twhen what I want and makes it work for my face and hair type. Shampoo and treatments are always super relaxing...


September 21,2017
Juliet was amazing! I've gotten so many compliments on the highlights! She knew I was in a time crunch to be able to make it to my engagement pictures and made it happen seamlessly. My hair was styled so beautifully- I loved it!


September 01,2017
Juliet always does a great job and I leave feeling fabulous every time.


August 22,2017
Juliet is superior.


August 20,2017
Color matches perfectly. Juliet always does a great job listening to me - I always get compliments.


July 14,2017
Juliet's blow outs are sooooo good!!


July 12,2017
Juliet is amazing! I always give her creative license and she always impresses me.


June 01,2017
everything- Juliet does a fantastic job! best stylist I've ever had


May 26,2017
Juliet was amazing! She totally understood what I was looking for a made perfect recommendations for my hair type and the style I was trying to achieve.


May 24,2017
Even as a guy, finding a new hair stylist is almost as bad (if not worse) than finding a new doctor. Overall great experience, perfect cut, and I will be coming back to her.


May 08,2017
Juliet was exceptional! I loved the way she applied my make-up, and my hair looked amazing . . . I could not have been happier with the way I looked at my daughter's wedding!


April 17,2017
Juliet is great. Highly professional and thorough.


April 14,2017
The entire experience was amazing!! The customer service is top notch and I loved everything about Mango. I have long thick hair and was not happy with the color and highlights I had been getting. I decided to give Mango a try and I could not be happier. Juliet was the best!! She took her time and I felt we were in total sync with one another on the direction I wanted my hair to go in. My hair looks so much healthier and my color and highlights are perfect!


March 23,2017
Scalp and hand massages are pure luxury!


March 05,2017
She took creative liberty and it totally paid off. Great cut!


March 05,2017
Fantastic experience. Friendly, professional staff. Juliet is a talented stylist. Highly recommend.


March 04,2017
She was wonderful!


March 01,2017
She was great, super nice, and did a great job on my hair!


February 23,2017
Juliet is always awesome and does a fantastic job. She listens well, shows professionalism, expresses kindness and has a great personality!


February 19,2017
called me when she was running late

Joan S.

February 17,2017
Juliet had given me my last cut 8 weeks ago. This appointment was to shape the cut up, Juliet has been wonderful letting me know what my hair type will do and not do well. My first time seeing her I was coming with a messed up cut and a very unhappy client


February 12,2017
She took such pains with my hair and really cared about me being satisfied with both color and cut. You could tell she has enormous pride in her work.


January 20,2017
Good recommendation by stylist to try protein treatment. Overall wonderful job. Now I have 2 stylists! Thanks!


January 13,2017
I can't thank you all enough for helping me with my adjustment. I am thrilled and happy. Meg was excellent too in helping me get things squared away and Juliet, as always, did a fantastic job. Thank you!


November 22,2016
Juliet is fantastic


September 14,2016
Wonderful experience!! Beautiful salon and talented stylists! Thanks for getting my girls in for a haircut on such short notice!


September 09,2016
Juliet makes everything work!

Joan S.

September 08,2016
I was a little confused that my appointment was at Libbie , I usually go to Gaskins salon, but was told my hair dresser was staying at this location until after baby is born. That was fine little further for me to travel but well worth it to have Juilet do my hair.I am very pleased with everyone that took part in my serve today and have nothing but praise for Juliet who observes and talks about what I want and what my hair will do! I feel very trusting of what she advises and wish her the very best while having her baby and will work around her schedule to have my next appointments! I now know I will be coming to the Libbie location :)


August 31,2016
Juliet is phenomenal. She's thoughtful with her cut and understands each person as an individual. Love her ideas and strategy to make me look my best - at my age. :)


August 25,2016
Juliet is the best stylist I've ever had. She is perceptive, talented, and lovely to be with. I am so happy with my hair.


August 25,2016
Meredith was amazing with my five year old daughter, she did an awesome job we usually take her to Pig Tails and Crew Cuts but I will be bringing her to Mango with me from now on! Julia or Julie (beautiful German accent) was very detail oriented and I loved that she offered the hair detox!! Overall a fabulous experience even down to the hair washing, wonderful woman who was very accommodating and did a great job!!


August 22,2016
I love Juliette! She listens carefully to what you would like done. .. And helps you decide whether your hair type can accommodate the COLOR and style desired... I have fine hair. AND she does understand that price IS of concern..so she'll suggest when a partial vs. full highlights / lowlights etc. will be fine. Even reminded me that I can go to a "Lower level" stylist. COLOR , CUT and attention to detail is what keeps me returning all these years to MANGO. P.s. I LOVE AVEDA! products. BTW I am recently diagnosed with an "unusual " cancer ....looks like I'll keep my own hair! At this point.. So , NO MATTER WHAT, I want to keep a good smile and well kept hair!!! Sincerely, Barbara Sims


August 04,2016
Julie is so professional and good at what she does. I've had several stylists who come and go at Mango. She is outstanding! Roberta was very good too.


July 22,2016
Juliette is so great and careful with my challenging hair. I am not sure of the name of the young woman who shampooed my hair but her hands we magic!


June 29,2016
I loved Juliette. She was very precise with her coloring application and my hair looks great. She did a wonderful job.


June 29,2016
Juliet is the best stylist I have ever had in all my 56 years of life!


June 23,2016
Very friendly staff. Juliet is a lot of fun and is very experienced.