Designer 4 Gayton Crossing

Advanced Men's Cutting w/ Michael Pavlick
Advanced Razor Cutting w/ Bit
Balayage w/ Jimmy Girgenti
Bb Updos w/ James Ruiz
Core Cutting w/ Ricardo Dinis
Gray Coverage w/ Jimmy Girgenti
LearnAveda w/ Hauns Korpela
LearnAveda w/ Ricardo Dinis
Mango Academy Fresh Talent Program
Geo Prisms Cut & Color

It's truly amazing to be the person behind the chair making people feel great about the way they look. Not only am I able to have fun and be creative, but I'm also able to help people see the beauty in the structure and color of their hair. There's always something new to learn in this industry, and my curiosity and passion keeps me constantly involved in education--whether I'm taking advanced classes or teaching Mango Academy classes. 

BIT ABOUT ME   I've always been drawn to retro style because it's so versatile; you can take a vintage dress and make it modern or keep it classic by playing with your accessories and shoes.  


February 24,2018
She took time with me, and made sure I got the cut I wanted.


February 24,2018
Emily is wonderful!!! Lovely conversations. She defends me from my self-criticisms and makes me feel beautiful. I gave a 4 on this cut because my hair is still adjusting (as usual!)--I think the cut will be a 5 when my hair settles into it. I prefer the Gayton Crossing location--very relaxing & pleasant, and better lighting than at Libby & Grove.


February 04,2018
process was easy and enjoyable. Emily always does an awesome job!!


February 03,2018
Emily always takes time to ask me how I am feeling about my hair, if I want to change anything. She always does a great job making me feel very pampered and listening to any feedback about the cut.


January 29,2018
Overall great experience


December 02,2017
Great personality and really engaged with me and my daughter about what we wanted to do with our hair. Took time to understand my regular hair routine and what I can do to improve my hair health and appearance.


November 22,2017
Mango always has the best service and atmosphere. All of the staff is helpful and friendly. I always highly recommend this salon!


November 16,2017
Emily has the ability to connect with her clients to provide outstanding service. She listens and guides while making the experience light and fun. She is a gem.


October 26,2017
Emily put me at ease and quickly understood what i wanted to accomplish. She did an excellent job on a color job that needed some repair and TLC. Great team, she's super knowledgeable and very fun to be around!


October 07,2017
Great cut and good advice for blending in grey.


October 05,2017
Wonderful shampoo !!


September 16,2017
She asked questions and was interested in getting to know me.


September 13,2017
She always knows how to handle my hair and does an amazing job with it!


September 13,2017
The whole experience at mango is great. Everyone is so helpful and welcoming. Emily is awesome and always does an amazing job! The whole team is great!


September 07,2017
Emily is very friendly and easy to talk to while waiting for the toner. She is always bubbly and fun!

Qiu Qiu

August 31,2017
Emily worked with my 17 year old to achieve the look she wanted -- not an easy task with a teen. She walked out of the salon looking beautiful!


August 26,2017
Emily was great, professional, relaxed and helped me figure out what to do.


August 26,2017
Emily is awesome. She truly is focused on the customer and I love that.


August 17,2017
Everyone was so kind from the minute I walked in, but not overly kind in a fake kind of way. The facility was nice and clean, but the best part was seeing a staff that seemed happy to be there.


August 04,2017
Emily is fantastic professional and caring goes the extra yard!


August 02,2017
This was my first time seeing Emily - my "go to" Mango Stylist is Marina but she was out sick and I desperately needed a haircut. I like that she asked me to tell her about my hair & my styling habits. When I told her about my hair and what I thought I wanted to do, she gave me some open & honest feedback and suggested some options that would meet my needs and the "look" I was going for...I was SUPER happy with my cut and went ahead and booked my next cut with her!!

Qiu Qiu

July 30,2017
She understood the natural makeup "look" my daughter was trying to achieve, made excellent suggestions so that my daughter could use some of the same techniques at home and, overall, made her look beautiful for her senior portrait!


July 13,2017
Emily is always professional, friendly, and is so amazing with her hair cut techniques!

Edward L.

June 30,2017
The best


June 30,2017
Emily is incredible in adjusting my color to manage the red in my hair. I'm not one to enjoy sitting for the time my appt takes, but she has turned it into something I always look forward to, and I walk about looking and feeling fabulous. She is the best!


June 25,2017
Emily is awesome and totally with you each step of the way.


June 01,2017
Everyone is very friendly and welcoming when you come to mango and curtious.


June 01,2017
Emily was really cool, made me feel welcome, and gave a great haircut.


May 29,2017
Appointment was quick and efficient.


May 17,2017
Always an amazing experience and a perfect haircut!


May 12,2017
Excellent service, personable staff


May 04,2017
Emily does everything well - great customer service and very talented stylist.


April 26,2017
Emily is fantastic


April 22,2017
Emily is amazing, my hair always looks great after she is done


April 07,2017
I always enjoy coming to mango! Everyone is so friendly and professional. Every visit is a great experience!


April 02,2017
easy to coordinate appointment, great experience, very engaging and enjoyable.


March 30,2017
Love love love my haircut. Emily did exactly what I wanted. Just lovely.


March 25,2017
Emily did an EXCELLENT JOB!


March 25,2017
very welcoming clean facility focused on customer


March 23,2017
Very thorough listened to my concerns and followed through with excellent color cut and styling giving important info to me to style at home.


February 08,2017
Everyone is so friendly, welcoming, and curtious. I always enjoy coming to the salon!


December 09,2016
Emily B was fantastic. She really listened to what I wanted and had lots of great ideas. I love my haircut and color


November 21,2016
Venue is great, Emily is awesome!


November 15,2016
I LOVE Emily's personality and professionalism. The cuts are always great


November 13,2016
I needed a quick trim. I was in and out there in no time! Love Emily!!


November 11,2016
Emily is great. She can make my short hair look great as it gets long!

Edward L.

November 09,2016
Emily need a promotion and bonus. She gives the greatest hair cut for a balding man which is extremely difficult. My wife Brenda Wands and I love her.


November 07,2016
I adored Emily! I will absolutely return to her as my stylist. Many thanks!

Penny A.

November 04,2016
The head and hand massage were so needed today. And Emily always gives me a terrific cut.


October 28,2016
Great atmosphere, great service!


October 27,2016
Emily is amazing!


October 27,2016
Emily is amazing !


October 24,2016
Everything! Emily is amazing!


October 23,2016
Emily B., as always, was fantastic. She did a great job with my hair and was a delight to talk to during the process. my check in and shampoo were also great.


September 23,2016
Everyone is always very friendly and helpful which makes the experience enjoyable. The service is always excellent as well.


September 16,2016
I needed to get in earlier today and they were very helpful and able to accommodate me. Emily was wonderful, as usual!


September 01,2016
Emily did a great job!!!


August 31,2016
everything great...as expected


August 31,2016
Love Emily! when we leave our hair looks so great my husband and I feel like movie stars. Really like the Gayton Crossing location-relaxing, fresh and quiet.


August 27,2016
Emily is awesome!


August 22,2016
Emily is so talented! We feel lucky to have found such a great stylist!


August 20,2016
First in today and everyone greeted me at the door. Quickly in and out! Love Mango :)


July 07,2016
Wonderful stylist Emily, absolutely the BEST, good at what she does; friendly and very personable. She even had a cold diet coke waiting for me when I got there. I would recommend her to anyone.


June 02,2016
I am pleased with my haircut


June 01,2016
Emily is awesome :)


May 26,2016
Emily was great! Thank you for a great experience!


May 26,2016
Emily was great. She did a terrific job fixing the mess my hair was in after another Mango hairstylist really, really messed up. I did appreciate the way the efficient and courteous way the manager at Short Pump dealt with my situation. And, once again, Emily was terrific


May 23,2016
It's always a pleasure. Everyone is great


May 22,2016
Emily was great as usua!l - love the new location