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You only have one life, and I believe following a passion that allows me to instill confidence in others is a great way to live it! Since completing the Mango Academy program, I’ve been growing as a Designer and enjoy interacting with all types of guests. I get my daily dose of inspiration by looking at innovative hair solutions from around the world on Pinterest and YouTube. It is fun to share these ideas and translate them into individualized looks for guests.

BIT ABOUT ME  My degree in Mass Communications and Speech Pathology is useful every day as I listen to guests and help them interpret their style visually.


October 06,2018
Roberta was great! Efficient and did an awesome job. I got a compliment as soon as I left the salon. Will book again.


September 21,2018
She is the best colorist I have had in all the years I have had my hair colored.


August 29,2018
Thank you for awesome experience with Mango!


August 11,2018
She was great and did what I requested with my hair


August 11,2018
Did what I asked for


August 10,2018
I always enjoy Roberta. She listens and understands. She gives good advise as well. Definitely will continue coming back. I love Mango overall. Everyone is friendly.


August 04,2018
Roberta thinned out my hair, added layers and really refreshed my hairstyle. It’s also so great chatting with her!


June 30,2018
Excellent as always!


June 29,2018
Roberta is very knowledgeable!


June 15,2018
Excellent! Lovely lady!


June 08,2018
Excellent! Roberta is so nice!


May 31,2018
Excellent stylist. Great cut!


May 31,2018
Excellent stylist. Gave me options and talked me through her ideas.


May 25,2018
Excellent! So nice!


May 25,2018


May 16,2018
I shared with Roberta at my first visit with her that I was nervous because I am so particular about my hair, she assured me that I was in good hands. And she kept her word. She did an amazing job which made me come back. I love her personality. Her willin


March 06,2018
Not just a gifted professional....Roberta is an artist.


March 03,2018
Denise is GREAT! I have talked with her several times to make an appointment. Denise is very professional, very good at her job, patient, & friendly. Denise knew I was coming to the Libbie Salon and she made a point to introduce herself to me. That was a very nice gesture to make the effort to do that. Denise I'd definitely an asset to Mango's Salon!


February 20,2018
Roberta was awesome!!!! Possibly the best hair washing experience I've had- her hands are so strong! she was also on time, listened to what I wanted, and did a great job. She was nice to talk to as well. I'll be booking with her again!!


February 16,2018
Roberta is a gem. She listens to what I need an makes great recommendations. Looking forward to seeing her again at the new location!


February 03,2018
Roberta was fabulous!


December 03,2017
Great cut. She was patient and understanding


November 20,2017
Roberta's blow outs are always amazing! Lots of body, with staying power, too. I'll be back soon!


October 22,2017
I am a new client so I really appreciated the tour.


October 03,2017
I felt special and pampered.


September 30,2017
Roberta was friendly and chatty. She also give me ideas for my hair that I didn't know I wanted. She styled my hair like she'd been doing it for years and we only just met today. I love my hair by Roberta!


August 31,2017
Roberta did exactly what I wanted and my results are amazing! I am very satisfied


August 27,2017
Roberta was very friendly and willing to answer any questions I had. She did a phenomenal job on my hair!

Kim (our Kim)

August 26,2017
Roberta did a head full of braids and made the little girl feel so special! She is amazing and talented.


August 12,2017
The best dye job I have had, maybe ever! Feeling like a celebrity!


August 05,2017
Everyone was incredibly welcoming and friendly! Roberta was amazing.


July 14,2017
Accommodate same day schedule change

Dr. Julie

June 29,2017
Roberta was extremely professional and competent


June 23,2017
Roberta is fast and so talented. She always makes sure that we are on the same page with length and over the course of me coming to her, she has given me tips that have truly improved the health of my hair.

Mary Evelyn

June 20,2017


June 16,2017
I have seen Roberta go from an assistant to stylist and she has truly grown into a wonderful stylist. Roberta was a little cranky at times as an assistant. But she has blossomed into a caring and very talented professional. Each time I see her she has more confidence in her approach. She is definite going places in the hair business!


June 10,2017
Roberta was fabulous - great tips on healthy hair!


May 20,2017
Service was perfect Timely


May 17,2017
Roberta did a wonderful job! She's an amazing hair stylist!! I'm really happy with my haircut.


April 28,2017
Everyone is super friendly!

Connie (Conway)

April 25,2017
Roberta handled a very difficult situation well


April 22,2017
Every thing


March 30,2017
Easy to make appointment Roberta was great- did exactly what I wanted and was very efficient.


March 28,2017
She was thorough and fast.


March 22,2017
Roberta is great !!I I have always gotten the $160 package of eight blowouts. My hair is not long and my hair is not thick it does not take extra time.


February 26,2017
Roberta was very friendly and nice. I really liked how she was open to having a conversation but didn't force me to interact too exaggerated like many hairdressers do. Also, she made my hair look and feel amazing!


January 19,2017
Roberta did a wonderful job listening to what I wanted in my hair color and then bringing it to life. I absolutely love the cut and color and she showed me products to make my cut last longer. I loved my experience and I am excited to come back!


January 15,2017
Pleasant interaction as always and a super facial and good cut. Nice attention to detail and even compliments for my obnoxious flannel.


December 30,2016
I loved that Roberta listened so well to what I wanted with my cut. It was a drastic cut as I was donating 10 inches, and she made me feel very comfortable and listened to!


December 15,2016
I brought my mentally handicapped aunt in who hadn't had a cut in probably 6 months. From the minute we drove up, the girls had saved us a handicapped parking spot (which, in this heat, was INVALUABLE) and it just went uphill from there! Roberta couldn't have been nicer and more attentive! She took the time to listen, then made sure she didn't cut too much off of my aunt's hair. She gave her a great cut (my hair too)!! I want to thank everyone, from the receptionists to Roberta. They didn't treat us any different than someone who was paying! This was a true godsend to a family like ours!! Due to circumstances beyond our control, we just don't have the extra money for haircuts. You guys are the absolute BEST:) Georgia Mitchell (and Theresa Cottrell)


December 15,2016
As always amazing!