Have you visited your salon and loved the results of your color but on your next visit found that the results weren’t exactly the same? Mango now has innovative technology that ensures each guests’ color results are consistent. This month, our team implemented VISH software that connects to bluetooth scales which precisely record each guest’s formula and measure the leftover color from the service. This means that next time the guest visits, an accurate formula will be ready, and the software will guide our designers to mix the exact amount (no more wasted color down the drain!) 

Speaking of color down the drain. Ever wonder what happens to color and other chemicals when they go down the drain? “Leftover hair color usually gets poured down the drain, along with cleaning solutions, medication, and all the other things that our wastewater centers were never designed to treat. The result is, it ends up back in our lakes and oceans where it bioaccumulates and creates disastrous impacts that move up the food chain. Our bodies end up as the final filter, and nobody wants to drink that!” explains Will Simpson, Lead Educator for Green Circle Salons. GCS is a partner with VISH software in helping the salon industry reduce waste.  

The commitment to being conscious of what our salons wash down the drain and apply to our guests’ hair started the day Mango opened its doors in 2003. As Aveda Lifestyle salons, our team exclusively uses Aveda products which have significantly fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients, making them much safer than traditional products. This year Aveda set a new industry standard in sustainability with its Full Spectrum Permanent Vegan Treatment Hair Color. In addition to being high-performing in vibrancy and coverage, it is 96-percent naturally derived, vegan, cruelty-free, manufactured using solar and wind power, and is the first hair color to use 100-percent recycled content to make its aluminum tube packaging.  

Reducing salon waste is part of Mango’s ongoing efforts to deliver amazing service to guests while also reducing our salons’ environmental footprint. In October, Mango launched a compostable towels program to reduce energy, water, and detergent used in laundering cloth towels. The cloth towels ended up in a landfill multiple times a year due to discoloration from hair chemicals and wear and tear. The Easy Dry compostable towels are picked up weekly by our local partner Earth Options and composted along with food waste from local restaurants and businesses.  Our team is proud to partner with EARTH OPTIONS, AVEDA, VISH, and EASY DRY to Make Mango greener.  


-Donated March & April’s Generous Jeans fund to American Rivers  

-Launched VISH to Reduce Color Waste in Salons 

-Added Compostable water cups in salons 

-Sold Aveda’s limited-edition Shampure Nuturing Shampoo Bars with proceeds going to Charity Water, and launched Aveda’s Full Spectrum Permanent Vegan Treatment Hair Color 

Do you have ideas for how our team can continue to reduce our environmental footprint and make a positive impact? Reach out to us 

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