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A comprehensive in-house education program that cultivates new talent and inspires continuing education of our experienced Designers. Mango education is designed to develop advanced technical skills for our luxury salon environment. There are three levels within Mango Fresh Talent, the timeline is customized based on the individual.


It begins with our Mango Fresh Talent™ program, which is a launching point for unlicensed industry newcomers who are ready to start their careers as designers. For this group, our state approved Apprenticeship Program is an alternative to cosmetology school. It provides the classes, training, and salon work hours required to pass the State Board License. All the instructors for this program are experienced designers currently working behind the chair at Mango.

Highlights of our Apprentice Program include:

  • Immediate hands-on training the day you step onto the floor
  • Bi-Weekly in-salon classes taught by Mango Educators
  • Practice work on mannequins until skills are mastered
This program requires a fully-stocked kit of tools (shears, blow dryers, flat irons, clips, and brushes).


Our Intern program provides training and mentoring for licensed hair designers who have either trained at other salons or completed cosmetology school. This group gets additional technical training for performing all hair services. The length of this program is individualized based on experience and skill.

Highlights of our Intern Program include:

  • Immediate hands-on training assisting Designers with guests in salons
  • Assessments to determine support and training program you need
  • Optional bi-weekly classes and model work


Finally, our Advanced program is the last stop before going behind the chair full-time as a designer at Mango. It provides fine-tuning of technical skills and more work with live models, so licensed Designers have the professional development they need to charge higher pricing.

Highlights of our Advanced Program include:

  • Work with guests while advancing your technical training
  • Learn from highly experienced Designers in a supportive learning environment
  • Hone base-line skills and prepares you for success in a high-end salon

Mango Continuing Education

Mango utilizes internal educators as well as outside industry experts to challenge our Designer’s creativity, improve their skills, and inspire passion. The design team works with our Director of Education to select the focus of classes each year. These classes are optional, and a free benefit for our team members.

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