Why are regular trims and cuts important?

  • Healthy hair is easier to style   -   Healthy hair looks fuller and better   -   Healthy hair takes color more effectively

All hair is not created equally and therefore requires its own specific formula for good health. However, there is one thing every hair care professional can agree on-----trimming your dead ends, at least 3-4 times a year, is one of the best ways to prevent damage.



In the long run, you save time and money on corrective treatments and products if you take care of your hair with regular trims. What is regular? It depends on your hair and lifestyle. Mango designers evaluate guests’ hair at each visit and guide them on ideal spacing of cuts.




“I use the analogy of a small rock hitting your car’s windshield. When you don’t fix the small crack or chip---inevitably that crack spreads and can compromise the entire windshield. Hair is the same. If you wait too long to get it trimmed, those split-ends spread up to the root, damaging more than just the old ends at the bottom. Long term, damaged hair puts you at risk for thinning hair that is hard to style and will take more time and effort to recuperate.”

Mango Libbie Grove Designer, Kyle





-On average, hair grows ½ inch a month

-Bang wearers need to get hair cut every 3-7 weeks

-Short Hair 4-6 weeks to maintain style and length

-Barbered mens’ cuts 2-3 weeks

-Longer Hair (older and more fragile) 6-8 weeks to maintain length or 8-10 if you are growing hair longer

-Chemically treated hair needs trimming every 4-8 weeks


Tips for Keeping Hair Looking and Feeling Healthy Between Trims

Moisture will protect your hair from daily damage of sun and heat. Using quality shampoos and conditioners and protective styling products will go a long way to keeping hair healthy between cuts.


“Whether my clients have fine hair or heavy, textured hair, I recommend adding a few drops of Bumble and bumble Hairdresser Oil to ends. The best time to add this is after your hair is dry, but before you use curling or flat irons. It helps retain moisture in the hair, preventing the ends from dry splitting.”

Mango Short Pump Designer, Niki.



What do you do if your Beauty Budget will not allow you to make it to the salon as frequently as your hair needs to be there? Talk to your Mango Designer or someone from our Guest Services team. They can offer alternatives and help create a plan that works with your budget and your hair!